Your Holiday Expo 2017

Marasem PR & Event Management has the pleasure to introduce“YOUR HOLIDAY Expo 2017”which will be held in Wadi Degla Club from the 20th until the 22nd of April 2017.

        Your HolidayExpo in glance
Our main target is to present the Hotels, Travel agencies, Travel Service providers, activities and attraction points from allover Egypt (Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, El Soukhna, Luxor, Aswan & North coast) to the visitors.

Our Official Sponsors
Red Sea Governorate
South Sinai Governorate
Luxor Governorate
Ministry Of Tourism
Regional Tourism promotion

Our Visitors
There will be visitors from different categories representing B2B & B2C.
Corporate companies
Business & MICE
Groups & Families
Individual travelers
Why Exhibit?
Build confidence : In a recovering friendly climate, the exhibition is a primary chance to let your prospects and clients know about your existing and future plans.
Gain Domestic market exposure : 
Good chance to meet a new market, which is growing rapidly. As an exhibitor, you are invited to promote your product & to meet your clients face to face.
We will promote our event via large-scale press, email, online campaigns and much more.

Why to visit?
•Save time and money comparing the widest choice of properties including those in the planning stage, all less than one roof.
•Get answers to your questions direct from leading professionals and make highly informed decisions about your next holiday.
•Find out how the market is changing and how this will affect your Holiday plans.
•Browse the latest promotions, Hotel renovations and recreational spaces in a relaxed, leisurely atmosphere. Families are welcome and cafeterias are located on the Visitor Show Guide provided.

Why Sponsor?
Build long-term brand awareness : Sponsorship increases the attraction of your target audience by 104%. (Source: Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) Align your brand with the leading event for your industry and benefit from a captive and targeted audience.
Reinforce your presence at the show : Significantly enhance your stand presence with targeted above the line exposure before and during the event.
Retain a major presence amongst travelers if you are unable to exhibit.
For some organizations, timing or location prevents them from having a physical presence at the event. If this is the case for you, sponsorship will ensure that you capture the attention of the market through wide-ranging and prominent branding opportunities both prior to and during the exhibition.
With big numbers of visitors per day, YOUR HOLIDAY Expo is not only a crowd-puller but also a major media event. Our presentation and communication opportunities give you the greatest possible advertising impact –with the least possible waste coverage. Take advantage of this chance to clearly distinguish yourself from your competitors.
Present your company as a credible YOUR HOLIDAY Expo sponsor of one of our segments. Reach your target group with your advertising message at just the right touch point. On the other hand, draw press attention towards your products and services.
Find all offers at a glance arranged according to your target group in our exhibition.

Sponsorship packages
1-Platinum package
2-Golden package
3-Silver package

Wadi Degla Club Maadi
3 days from 20 till 22 April

Working Hours
Thursday from 16:00till 22:00Public
Friday from 11:00till 22:00Public
Saturday from 10:00till 22:00Public
Visitor’s AdmissionFees: Free

Why Pre-Register?
Save your time, avoid lengthy queues, and have more time to spend on finding your dream vacation.
Pre-registration is available through our website
It provides automatic reminders. Relax.
We will remind you when the show is happening to ensure you donot miss holiday and deal you have been waiting for.

Our Guest of honors and invitees
Red Sea Governor
South Sinai Governor
Luxor Governor
Aswan Governor
Minister of Tourism
Egyptian Tourism Federation
Egyptian Tourism Authority

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  • Design Education

    1. Design thinking: cognitive modes and learning styles
    2. Design approaches, strategies, methodologies and tactics
    3. Problem solving: recognition procedures, hypothesis developmen
    4. The meaning of innovation and creativity, in theory and practice
  • Design in Society

    1. Design in social policy, planning, and politics
    2. Health, safety, and public welfare in design practice
    3. Design as business
    4. Markets for design and designing for markets
  • Designed Objects

    1. Fashion design and development
    2. Product design philosophy
    3. Industrial and Interior design
    4. Engineering and design
  • Visual Design

    1. Communications design
    2. Visual arts
    3. Typography
    4. Graphic design
  • Design Management

    1. People and artifacts: exploring uses and usability
    2. Participatory design systems
    3. Professional ethics
    4. Design knowledge management
  • Environmental Design

    1. Eco design: environmental and green design
    2. Theater and set design
    3. Interaction design
    4. Landscape architecture
  • Design Practices

    1. The business of design is in a state of flux. The roles, the tasks and the personae of designers are changing.

      No longer the technical expert, the heroic aesthete or the inspired individual of our earlier modern past, the contemporary designer draws upon dispersed sources of creativity and innovation. Collaboration, today, is key. For design practitioners, a central paradox of our times is the increasing specialization, on the one hand, but on the other, the need for more broad-ranging and holistic integration of design tasks, working between and across design disciplines. Design is becoming an ever-more social, indeed sociable, process.

      The imperative to collaborate, moreover, extends well beyond the domain of professional interaction and working in design teams. It also extends to the relationship with the users, clients and consumers of design. Designers today need to build deeply collaborative relationships with their ‘public’. Participatory design and user-centered design are just two key phrases that capture the spirit of this imperative.
  • Design Modalities

    1. Design’s modalities are also in a state of flux, its working tools of representation, communication, visualization and imagination. Digitization of text, sound, and still and moving image is one important site of transition. This has spawned new practices of modeling and simulation, of prefiguring the real in the virtual. It has also introduced the virtual as a design end-in-itself.

      Designers need to able to ‘do’ a multimodal professional design discourse. They must speak and write their way through complex collaborations with co-designers and interactions with users. They need to be able to ‘do’ visualization as they explore design alternatives through mental images and picture their visions into reality. They need to be able to represent spatial realities, prefiguring the three dimensional through the two dimensional and turning plans into tactile artifacts, manipulable objects, architectural spaces and navigable landscapes. The new, digital media provide newly flexible and accessible tools for multimodal and synaesthetic thinking. Today’s media inventions have become the mothers of design necessity.


Donnerstag, 20. April 2017 | Wadi Degla Club Maadi
Your Holiday Expo 2017



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